Project Description

Icebound (Legends of the Shifters) (Volume 2)

Ivy’s journey continues as she struggles with the loss of her beloved friend. Instead of freedom from the conservatory, now all she wants is revenge for his death. Then, on her way back from the island, something horrible happens.

An excruciating pain rips through her heart as the serum of the plant invades her system. While it makes her stronger, it is seemingly destroying her at the same time. As if that wasn’t enough of a burden, just after Ivy arrives at the conservatory, the prince of Leviatha rescues her from the wrath of Headmaster Drake.

His mission is to take her to the castle to finally learn about the prophecy, but a secret plan is brewing between him and his father, King Giddon. In this continued tale of mythical creatures, adventure, and love, Ivy must learn how to overcome her enemies, and more importantly, herself.


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